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Dive Center Experience Internship for Certified Divers & Dive Professionals

Eurodivers Zante is a 5star PADI Dive Resort established in 1998 and has been providing responsible diving services ever since . We have provided the growing diving industry with well trained and experienced dive professionals through our internship programs . Years of experience make us able to adequately teach all aspects and details of how a dive center works through all its processes and how responsible safe diving must be conducted and lead .

Divers or Dive Professionals ( Divemasters , Instructors etc) who want to evolve their skills ,get more dive training , advance their diving license , learn more on how safe diving under real circumstances should be conducted ,gain the needed experience to have a better chance to live up to the challenges of working in demanding dive center work conditions and learn how dive centers work , how all front and back office work is handled , how all relevant logistics requirements are fulfilled and generally learn the whole process of running a dive center , they are the perfect candidates for the Eurodivers Dive Center Experience Internship .

We are looking for motivated people who have passion for diving and are willing to put themselves in line with the role model way of life that a Professional Diver should have. Responsible people who understand the importance of protecting human life underwater and conduct themselves accordingly in their every day life. Alcohol, drugs , late nights and wild parties are not in line with what a Professional Diver should behave like.

During this internship you will have the chance to learn , practice and train to some or all of the following topics :

  • Diving : Lead dives , dive logistics , dive preparation , intro dives /trydives , specialty courses, diver training techniques and logistics , teaching techniques etc

  • Boating : How boats run, basic maintenance ,boat logistics , knots, boating etc

  • Dive Center : Bookings, Front Office – reception , Back Office – Logistics , dive center facilities maintenance , customer service , sales, dive promotion etc

  • Dive Equipment : Servicing , maintenance , basic working principles etc

You pay us a monthly fee and you get the chance to get involved in real divecenter working conditions and learn the ropes of how dive center processes are run .

Limited availability. Please contact us with CV and recent photo at info@eurodivers.nu for application .