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Dive Center Experience Internship for Certified Divers & Dive Professionals

Eurodivers Zante is a 5star PADI Dive Resort established in 1998 and has been providing responsible diving services ever since . We have provided the growing diving industry with well trained and experienced dive professionals through our internship programs . Years of experience make us able to adequately teach all aspects and details of how a dive center works through all its processes and how responsible safe diving must be conducted and lead .

Divers or Dive Professionals ( Divemasters , Instructors etc) who want to evolve their skills ,get more dive training , advance their diving license , learn more on how safe diving under real circumstances should be conducted ,gain the needed experience to have a better chance to live up to the challenges of working in demanding dive center work conditions and learn how dive centers work , how all front and back office work is handled , how all relevant logistics requirements are fulfilled and generally learn the whole process of running a dive center , they are the perfect candidates for the Eurodivers Dive Center Experience Internship .

We are looking for motivated people who have passion for diving and are willing to put themselves in line with the role model way of life that a Professional Diver should have. Responsible people who understand the importance of protecting human life underwater and conduct themselves accordingly in their every day life. Alcohol, drugs , late nights and wild parties are not in line with what a Professional Diver should behave like.

During this internship you will have the chance to learn , practice and train to some or all of the following topics :

  • Diving : Lead dives , dive logistics , dive preparation , intro dives /trydives , specialty courses, diver training techniques and logistics , teaching techniques etc

  • Boating : How boats run, basic maintenance ,boat logistics , knots, boating etc

  • Dive Center : Bookings, Front Office – reception , Back Office – Logistics , dive center facilities maintenance , customer service , sales, dive promotion etc

  • Dive Equipment : Servicing , maintenance , basic working principles etc

You pay us a monthly fee and you get the chance to get involved in real divecenter working conditions and learn the ropes of how dive center processes are run .

Limited availability. Please contact us with CV and recent photo at info@eurodivers.nu for application .


We want motivated, professional yet fun PADI Instructors for the 2019 season. You must be in Teaching status, have at least 20 certs., and want to work in a fast-paced resort atmosphere. We are particularly (though not exclusively) looking for multi-lingual instructors speaking English, Scandinavian, German, Dutch, Italian, or Hungarian. If you’d like to apply, please send a short CV with photograph and covering letter to info@eurodivers.nu

Divemaster Interns

Our Divemaster Internship Program is for non-professional divers who want to pursue a career in the recreational scuba diving industry.

We are looking for people willing to work hard and with an interest in scuba diving. The program will qualify you at the end of the season as a PADI Divemaster – the first professional level qualification. Our program works like this: in exchange for working for us for the summer season, our interns get their dive education – all the way up to PADI Divemaster.

Duties of a Divemaster intern include all aspects of the dive industry from assisting on the dive boat with courses and guided dives, filling scuba tanks, servicing equipment, and equipping divers, to working in the dive shop in sales or office duties. As their education progresses, interns take on duties such as leading groups of qualified divers and assisting instructors with courses. Our interns gain, in addition to many dives by the end of the season, a valuable insight into this industry and experience of dealing with customers including qualified divers, course students and beginners. We ensure that when our interns leave our program, they are fully qualified and experienced professionals, ready to work anywhere in the world as a professional scuba diver.

The learning curve for the courses is quite steep and there’s quite a lot of theory to study in addition to the day to day job, so self-motivation is essential. In addition to diving experience, desirable – though not essential – attributes of interns are a full driving license, spoken European languages, media, design and computer skills and sales/retail skills.

You should know from the start that the hours in this industry are long and the work sometimes hard, but if you have a passion for scuba diving and working with people, the rewards are immeasurable. If your goal is a career in the recreational scuba diving industry, this internship will teach you everything you need to know and more.

While we pay for interns accommodation and towards their food costs, they need spending money in addition so having some money saved beforehand is essential. Interns will also need to pay their own travel costs to Greece.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To apply, please send a short CV with recent photo and references, along with a covering letter detailing why you want to become a PADI Divemaster and take part in the Eurodivers Internship Program 2019, to info@eurodivers.nu