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Take full control

Minimum age

10 years

Starting Days

Every Day from May to October

If you are comfortable with sea water , fit and looking for a diving challenge , the Discover Scuba Diving Course , is definitely worth a shot.

For doing this you must be in good health , bear sea -salt water and be able to “pop” your ears by blowing air out your nose , while pinching it .

We make a class where we show you how equipment works , explain all the procedures and how to use it . Then we will go through on how pressure affects us underwater and what to do in order to equalize the pressure underwater. We show you what hand signals to use so you can communicate with your instructor and how we deal with sea life . We also see together the skills/exercise that we will show you underwater , which are how to get water out of the mask, how to get water out from the breathing device , how find and replace regulator in the mouth, how to equalize the ears, how to use the BCD/vest to go up and down and how to get in and out of the water.

On the first dive , we will practice and learn these skills in shallow water so you see first hand that you can do everything you need to have a safe dive underwater. Then on the second dive , you will have the chance to dive with full control of yourself , following the Instructor who will be in front of you ,giving you tips on how to improve and fix your diving.

Each dive will last about 40 minutes , depending on your skill and on how fast your breath air. The dive sites are very nice , with great underwater visibility and we use our boat to get there. It is a 20 minute trip in a boat designed for diving , with lot of space , shade , toilet comfort and safety. You can see our boats on Youtube clicking this link .

The price for the Discover Scuba Dive is 160€ , includes all diving equipment , boat trip and ofcourse underwater pictures and videos ready to publish to social media.

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