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Try Dive Pricing

Try Dive by Boat – € 70 – Try Diving!

Consists of a classroom lesson with a professional instructor, skills practice in shallow water , followed by a real open water dive in the sea with an instructor. Fully inclusive of equipment hire and transport.


DSD – Discover Scuba Dive – € 160 – Full diving experience!

Similar to the Try Dive ,but with 2 dives instead of one. You also get to dive in full control of your buoyancy . The first dive is dedicated to teaching you diving skills and on the second you feel the freedom of three dimension movement , supervised by a dive Instructor. Social Media ready pics and video are included in the price!


Try Dive Photos – € 15 – Take home a memory!

A Photo album of professional quality photos of the day including photos of all the try divers on the boat and underwater and interesting marine life from that day. Take them home and show your family and friends that you really did go scuba diving!


Social Media Video and Photos – € 20 – Ready to upload!

Besides the pictures and a simple video ,we also produce and process a ready to publish social media video so you can directly upload your adventure for your friends and followers to see!

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