Deep Diver Specialty 400€
Do you want to get the training needed to make dives as deep as 40m ? Learn how to manage your air supply , follow correct buddy procedures and practices that make deep diving safe and fun . The course consists of 4 deep dives with different objectives. We offer it though in a 6 dive pack in order to practice and train buoyancy   before we go deeper.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty 200€
Do you want to know the secret of low air consumption , no matter how deep the dive  is ? If you want to have perfect balance in the water  and be able to use the correct weight you need for each dive  , enlist in a PPB Specialty course. Your diving will never be the same anymore.

Underwater Photographer Specialty 200€
Taking pictures underwater can become an addiction. Learn how to use modern digital cameras underwater , how to make the proper adjustments , how to take care of the cameras and how to dive for photography objective.

Enriched Air – Nitrox Specialty 250€
What is Enriched Air? When can a diver use it ? How does extra Oxygen benefit the diver ? What do we need to know about Maximum Operational Depth for a specific EANx gas supply? All these questions are answered in one of the most popular Specialties any diver can get. Enlist now!

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